Your Car Wash is offering companies with multiple cars, trucks and/or vans the opportunity to join our fleet account program. Eligible companies can choose from our four washes to best suit their fleet. We offer discounts based on the number of vehicles washed per month.

We maintain a minimum of 10 vehicles per fleet. Each fleet is required to pay on the first of each calendar month via credit card. An active credit card must be on file to avoid late payments. Once your fleet has joined our program we require a list of vehicles / employees approved to wash fleet vehicles.

The next step is simple, when a fleet vehicle comes to Your Car Wash they must check in at our booth. The cashier will ask your employee to fill out the vehicle details (i.e. vehicle number or model) and wash type. We also require your employee to sign and print their name to avoid fraudulence. If you authorize your employees to choose any wash please let us know. 


30 vehicles a month – 10% discount

40 vehicles a month – 15% discount

50 vehicles a month – 20% discount

If you are interested in joining our fleet account program please contact us by filling out this form.